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We are able to re-foam most woofers locally.

Reconing and other repairs cannot be performed locally, please contact me by email or phone.

We also repair the KEF 103 and 104 series speakers with the internal woofers.

An email from a happy customer after we restored his KEF 104/2 pair:

" On another note...I cannot thank you enough for the fabulous job you did in repairing the speakers...they sound 100 times better now than when I bought them 7 years ago...I knew they were good speakers but NOT THAT GOOD!"

When shipping pairs of drivers, always tape units face to face. Do not place any soft materials, such as bubble pack or foam in between. When shipping individual drivers, tape a piece of stiff cardboard in front, to protect cone and spider. Never use bubble-pack or foam in direct contact with cone. Do not pack in peanuts, use bubble pack or foam rubber. Use a large enough box to allow for sufficient packing material.

An email from a happy customer with a pair of 11.5 inch Marantz woofers which required custom foam and cosmetic repair:

"Wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my speakers. They look great, but even more important, they sound great. I love them. Thank you."

Send in your unit today for evaluation and repair.

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