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CAL Audio Lab
Approved Audio Service, Inc. was one of the few authorized independent service facilities for California Audio Lab products. We maintain an inventory of many of the original parts and manuals for most of the product line, including the CL-10, CL-5, CL-15, Delta, Aria, Tercet, Alpha, Icon, DX, CL-2500, CL-20, and others. We also service the incomparable CL2500MCA 5 channel power amplifier and the SSP processor. CAL produced some of the best sounding CD players, DVD players, transports, and D/A converters ever.

We have a few 24/96 upgrade kits available for the Alpha. Please contact us for price and availability. These kits are available only for installation by us, they are not for sale outright. We are no longer offering the power boss upgrades for the Icon series.


From A CAL CL-2500 DVD player owner from New Zealand

"The CAL is back in residence and been running since 9am. FLAWLESSLY!!! BEAUTIFULLY!!! ENVELOPINGLY!!! AWESOMELY!!! thanks to the geeks at 'approveaudio service' USA .. the good zounds are rolling again."

From a happy owner of an upgraded Alpha:

"Unit received, installed, and played. Satisfaction level high. Unusual combination of improvements. Soundstaging better. Grouped voices more coherent i.e. lyrics more distinct. Also overall tonality much more cordial/warmer. Feel free to quote me as a pleasantly impressed first time customer."

More messages from happy CAL owners:

"Hey Larry: I received my CAL Icon last Friday and it was like Christmas morning. I hadn't realized what I had been missing. I had bought a XXXX cd player at my local Best Buy and I guess I got used to it's sound. Then I hooked up the Icon and WOW! I can say that backwards, WOW! I could tell from the first note that the Icon reproduced! Thanks for fixing this musical marvel for me."

"Just a brief note to let you know how pleased I am with your repair of my like it always did and I am indeed relieved and happy."

Send in your unit today for evaluation and repair.

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