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Pack your audio/video equipment carefully, insure it, and ship it to us. If you have no boxes or packing material, we suggest using a professional service, such as Mailboxes, etc. If you use a service, please review the rest of this page and make sure the service follows these guidelines. You are paying them to ship your merchandise,and they have the obligation to pack it as you request. Insure the item for the full retail price you paid for it, or the full replacement value, should it be lost or damaged in shipping.

Use sturdy, heavy duty boxes designed for shipping. Do not use boxes that have punctures, tears, rips, or corner damage, or that have been used excessively. Wrap the item in bubble wrap. Items must have an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM OF 3 INCHES OF LARGE BUBBLE WRAP on each side, top, bottom, front and back, much more if your unit is heavy, has a glass front panel, etc. We recommend that you place this first box into another box that is at least 2 inches larger on all 6 sides. Use packing material or newspaper rolled into balls between the two boxes as a shock absorber. The outer box should have a burst rating of 200 lbs. We will return your unit to you using the same box(es) and packaging as long they arrive in good condition. If packed poorly or if the box is in poor condition, we will repack your unit for the return trip at an additional charge to cover the costs of a replacement box and packing material and our time spent in packing the item properly. 

Please use LARGE BUBBLE WRAP to wrap your item. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING STYROFOAM PEANUTS. As the box gets transported items tend to work their way through the peanuts and land at the edge of the box, getting damaged if the box gets dropped. Carriers will often not cover items damaged if shipped in peanuts. Bubble pack is the best, wrap as much as you can around your unit - 2 inches minimum on all sides, top and bottom. Use peanuts as extra filling only after bubblewrapping.

When packing speaker components, put the drivers face-to-face and tape them together, then bubble wrap. If just sending one driver, place a piece of cardboard over the cone end and bubble wrap well. Use a large enough box so the drivers are well away from the edges of the box.

If you have any questions about packing or shipping, please call us. It's better to spend a few extra minutes packing well than trying to deal with damaged items. If you have a very large, heavy, or expensive unit to send in and don't have the original box and packing, please contact us. We may be able to order the originals for you. Please call or email if you have questions. Finally, please make sure to use our print-out shipping form.

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